Wednesday, January 16, 2013

20 minute seat pan, 2 hour seat pad......

Ok so the pan was really easy and quick. the pad...well it was easy too but a wee bit more time consuming. I'd planned a single layer of 1" black 'race foam' with maybe some extra in certain areas. Turns out someone who'll remain anonymous acquired my stash of the stuff and didn't inform me. I had some scraps available and as I thought a bit I remembered a blue camping pad I found when I was cleaning out the garage. Ok, it's got the right density, there's loads of it and it 'works' well with the tools at hand. The thinner layers also allow me to sculpt a bit more so I'll take it!
Ok so I added the high density black foam pieces to strategically add contour. This stuff has a decent adhesive already on it, just peel and stick. What you can't see is that this is in roughly 30 degree temps.....fookin' cold mates! I took my angle grinder to it first, equipped with a 60 grit sanding wheel. In retrospect I should used the 220 grit wheel just to make it a little easier to control. But, I got it shaped. Not too bad, a little butt-cupping out back and a wee bit more loft up front. 
First layer of camping pad glued on with 3M '77' series aerosol contact cement.
This stuff works well and holds up, I've got things stuck together with it that are going on 15 years.
Sorry for the blurry pic, did I mention it is cold as Hades to go along with the seeping damp here in Portland? Yeah...well good then. Whilst butt testing this first layer on the bike I finally figured out what's been bugging me so much. The bike is low and slender but the seat was a bit wide making her look like she has a big butt. That won't do! Out comes Mr.Sawzall for a little off the sides. I won't bore you with the retest pic, you'll see it later....

Now it's starting to look like a proper ass-perch! I took after the edges to blend it a bit, used a rough rasp file and a wire brush of all things! Since this is going to be under quilted leather I won't worry about the fuzzy bits, just check the shape it's taking on!

Right tools for the job and all that stuff! HAH!

Another layer with contact cement tacking up, almost ready to mash'm together.
Next layer added and gently shaped to suit. The front bit is smoother too,,,missed the shot...

A nice profile shot shows that it's taking on a really attractive shape and should be lovely when done!

A somewhat deceptive shot, hints at the blend and contours but not nearly well enough.

Almost there.....just one more layer and some more blending to go...
Svelt after a quick trim, no?
Looks nice on the bike, and once it's covered it's going to really work great. It 'sits' well; feels like a very high end, expensive solo seat. The layers of padding are thin looking but the material is extremely supportive and since this won't be a hard tail it'll work out just dandy.

 The only tool I didn't show was my Dewalt orbital sander that I used on the foam to smooth out all the rough spots and fuzzies left by the file&wire brushing. This was far FAR easier than I'd thought and the end result is extremely gratifying. 

I have some rear 'mounting bits' to machine up that will incorporate a couple other functions too, that oughta be cool but is for another installment. I'm gonna go finish thawing out now, be good humans!

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