Thursday, January 10, 2013

Devil in the Details pt.2

Ok, last we left our now more or less smooth triple clamp it was filed and machine sanded. Now it's time to finish it and move on to the next part. Again, being better at DOING work than I am at taking pictures of it, so you get to see the final results.

I still can't figure out why some pics come out tipped on their side with this software...oh well, a couple shots of Mescal and you'll be laying on your side too. To convert the surface rust I used the SEM Rust-mort, works REALLY well. After it was cleaned up I did a quick sand-blast to even up the surface and then hit it with the textured Rustoleum. It's not as shiny (or sideways) as it look in this pic....

Didn't realize the table was this dusty...stuff gets everywhere in a hurry. Lesson learned: Clean shit up better!
It's not a huge difference, but it makes me happy and looks better. The casual observer probably won't notice but smart, good looking and sexy people will. People just like you! (How's that for fan service?!)

Ok, obviously there's been some steps missed here so I'll give you the rundown.
  1. cut off the two gauge tabs and ign. key loop
  2. smooth the edges to soften the appearance
  3. bevel the top of the clamp portion, into the edge
  4. bore out the riser holes for later use....(!!)
  5. counter-bore the tops of the now visible threaded holes (!!)
  6. Sandblast the hairy shite outta the thing

A closer look at the reshaping...

Guess I'm gonna have to think about some kind of shroud or cover after all.

I haven't internally lowered the forks yet and the Tomasellis are just on there for giggles. I have.....different bars planned for this thing. She'll be a roller tomorrow as I gotta get the table clear for a commission build. More to come.....

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  1. Much tidier Swagger - us good looking, sexy people appreciate your effort.