Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am not a good blogger......

 I am not a good blogger.
I tend to come here, dump something on the page really quickly and blast off again. I don't linger much, nor do I read other blogs all that often unless something really catches my eye. In this case, I've also neglected adding some to my follow easily rectified problem.

Most notably of recent is Bubblevisor.
I scoot thru Lenny's joint at least once a week sussing inspiration for my own builds and of course pictures to add to my collection. So go check his joint out if you haven't...and IF you haven't yet then get out from under that rock.

Here's some pictures I just stole...err....borrowed from Lenny:
The hammer and dolly work alone make this worth staring at til your eyeballs dry out....

Oh those sexy pipes!

O.M.effing G!

So much to love here, the hydro-formed megas are simply more on the list....

I believe I've found the air-filter solution for the VX I have been pondering. I've considered tank cutouts before but I think this has pushed me over the edge. Fantastic!
Anyone who knows me knows of my burning lust for Vincent motorcycles; OG, Irving and HRD.....dunna matter to me. I will not lie, it's this same lust that made me want the XV920 I purchased a while back. One day I'll own an actual Vinnie!

Another bike I will always have a soft spot for is the humble XS750/850 Yamaha. I got my 850 when I was 18 and have had the thing since. It carried my large self for many MANY happy miles and underwent far too many modifications to be posted with any useful brevity....something perhaps I already lack? I've built several engines for it and am pretty confident in my ability to make the 120* triple bellow like an enraged bull elephant. 1030cc is do-able, 4v heads can be had...made...adapted...well, it can be done, chain drive as well!

Here's yet another drool worthy example of the breed, also found on Bubblevisor:

Be good humans!

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