Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 and counting

Happy New Year from HomageMotoWorks, myself and Sprocket the dog.

I hope your 2013 is as fruitful as the last few have been challenging.

Dear 2013, your predesessor sucked. Rich dickheads got richer, poor fuckers got fucked some more...speaking purely for myself (ok..I'm not so pure), don't fuck this up. We are legion.
Absolutely lovely...
...and potent too!

L.U.S.T. I have never once really lusted after a Harley....until now. Buell Supermotard. It's got great proportions, I bet it goes like stink for the entire 1/2 gallon tank!


V-twin racers are rad! BOTT racers are just rad! this is......

...a Virago. Well...once upon a time....

Business. All Business. Vincent.

Oh hi, just another day at the gym...
The only thing that could make this any more perfect; my bike in the fuzzy background, a bottle of wine and me holding the camera.


Thank you, I will......
The reason the cardio portion of my now daily workouts are so enjoyable. Yoga pants when worn well and properly can end international terrorism, bring about world peace and keep me distracted from grind. Thank you stretchy pants inventor, thank you Lycra inventor, but most of all Thank you girls in Yoga pants.

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