Tuesday, January 15, 2013

20 minute seat pan

I have exactly 20 minutes into this seat pan, once it's upholstered it'll look great and it's shaped enough to actually feel fairly comfy just as it is. It's destined to be wrapped in nice quilted leather over 1" 45-55d black foam. I mad this because I wanted something that wouldn't be confused with the now ubiquitous 'Brat Style'.
(Read as: 'Played the fuck out')

In truth it took about 30 minutes to make a couple tools and kludge together my setup as I can't locate either my nylon body hammers or my shot bag....damnitalltohell! 

20 minute seat pan sounds cooler than 50 minute seat pan too.

This may or may not be cut from an old street sign, but if you were to use an old street sign they're made from good .110" aluminum sheet. I based it's shape off the goofy cardboard pattern I made, traced it in sharpy, once with each side of the pattern facing up so as to ensure it is kinda symmetrical......more or less. The raggedy-ass notch I cut tore out of the front with my teeth is there to allow the front bit to pinch inward as the center is stretched. No...really.....
One slug of 2" diameter delrin will do in the pinch for a soft face for the brass bonking tool I'll be using to do primary damage. Bore to fit snug onto the hammer's head, clean up the back and round out the front.......
I made this 2.2lb brass headed hammer for a project several years ago and haven't used it again until this morning...

Started beating on it but decided it could use annealing to make the process a little less aggressive. Annealing softens the aluminum by removing age tempering or previous heat treating. I've screwed the blank pan down to the bench with 3/4"x1.5" wood strips under it so the metal has room to displace. Normally this process would take place on my leather shot bag (16"x16" leather pillow filled with BBs or sand etc) placed on a wood stump but I can't find the godsdamned thing. So I faked it. With the air cavity underneath, pounding sounded a lot like repeated 12gauge shots...enough so that the neighbor came over to see if I was killing someone. He's got courage I'll give him that.

I also used a couple regular old hammery type bashing sticks because I wanted to. You can see the work area displacing downward and the front lifting and pinching together here..

Getting there...

Let's add some up-sweep in the back so the massive squirrel power of the angry motorcycle won't toss you off the back!
This actually was fairly challenging because I don't have a sheet roller, so I had to fake it.
Sorry for the off center shot, it's pretty symmetrical in truth.....really! It's easier to see the loft in the front/center and the two forward bits pinched in together. Note" I further gouged out the notch because the two halves overlapped....fuckers...
Now we're talking ass cupping goodness!

A couple test fits and a little trimming lets the front 'tabs' tuck under the frame and pan to settle over the rails nicely.
I think it'll work! I have plans for the back of the seat rails that entail all sorts of fabrication, electricity and shiny majik bits.....stay tuned!

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